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“How to Bring in Best of the Best” — Tips to Attract Quality Talent

A candidate driven market, High competition, War of Talent- when all of these elements mix, an organization can find it extremely difficult to attract best of the best from the pool of candidates.


Is ‘Employer of choice’ still a trend? How do you create a more desirable work culture that attracts the best towards your organization instead of your competitors? By outplaying them. Companies who offer employee recognition and consider their employees as assets, sequentially which results in a positive Market Image. Aiming for quality instead of quantity is the key whilst looking for best resources. Focusing on what’s important can clear out the distractions — the goal should be finding that one person who really fits instead of receiving applications in bulk. Recruitment Companies can be your anchor in such situations, where you only have to deal with the filtered out, potential candidates.


Here are few tips that can help in attracting the Right & Quality Talent-

1. Clarity and Conviction: Whenever you put out an open position, make sure the message and information that delivers is clear and precise. Organizations’ long-term goals, what is expected from the prospective candidate in his job and what future career opportunities they can gain if they become a part of the company shall be precisely stated and made clear on prior basis. Personal communication from the senior leaders and powerful, expressive career pages can express these things authentically.


2. Culture “The King”- An employer brand that sells itself positively can achieve more than just attracting Top Talent. If your employer brand image is strong in the industry, finding and attracting top talent will not be an issue. Build an image and make your current personnel motivated and content; As they are the biggest advocates of your organization. Which leads us to our next tip..


3. Use your employees as your Brand Ambassadors: Your renowned senior leaders and staff can impact the bar you set for attracting top talent. Express through engaging and inspirational videos from your senior most staff who have been throughout the journey of your organization’s growth. Reach out to potential candidates through professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn. Conduct review sessions on platforms such as Glassdoor and The Job Crowd etc.


4. Be Flexible- Industries are accepting the policies for paternity leaves, policies such as work from home and outdoor workspaces are becoming popular these day. Showing candidates that you value work-life balance empowers them. Provide them with some flexibility to bring out the best in your employees.


5. Use Social Media to Reach Out: To become a top employer, you need to become a people’s employer first. Use social media to reach out to potential candidates, where you can find out almost everything about an employee authentically. Put out company event, culture, celebrations and employee appreciation information to attract potential professionals.


6. Make Education your Weapon: Launch Education Initiatives for your employees. Take control of your company’s image and give opportunities for career exploration to your employees. It will make them feel valued, make them loyal and let you stay ahead of the competitors. Learning new things can motivate employees, expand their knowledge which in turn benefits you and also attracts fresh talent; it’s a win-win situation.


Understanding the candidate experience is mandatory. branding and marketing strategies can also help you become a magnet for attracting the top quality staff. Your Value proposition- i.e. your vision, your mission and what you, as an employer really offer for your employees’ growth can play major role in luring the cream of the crop to your company.


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