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Improve your Employer Brand with these Top 5 Tips

Unemployment Rate in India is expected to be 3.50 percent by the end of this quarter. Looking at these stats indicates that there is an ultimate war going on for job opportunities. The latest generation is up-to-date with trends and very skeptical and smart about what they read and hear about an Employer Brand.


Hence, as we discussed in our previous article we talked about how the image of an Employer Brand plays a vital role in attracting the best employees. Recruitment Companies can help you in providing better resources but retaining them on a positive note depends on your efforts. Just as any product needs it’s branding, rebranding, and marketing, Employer Brand needs to be created, built and promoted in ways where your fresh talents gets an exposure of what your organization is all about and why they should choose you. 
Looking to rebuild your employer brand? Here are few tips that will help:


1. Clear Vision- Without a clear vision of what you want to be, the road to building your employer brand can be a rocky. Having a prior laid out strategy and getting everyone in the organization onboard and also to be on the same page is mandatory. If you jumble up or complicate your brand message, people won’t receive the message that you’re trying to deliver. Word of mouth marketing is much more powerful and trustworthy than any advertisement you could put out for your brand.


2. Culture Publicity- Access the power of social media platforms to create an image of your culture in the public eye. Whether it is creating a hashtag that is being used consistently by you and your employees or creating a story and expressing it via video and static posts on social platforms. Keep in mind to put forward as much as employees’ generated content as you can which will show authenticity in your brand, keep them engaged and let them contribute towards company’s culture growth.


3. Culture-fit Hiring- While hiring your employees, keep in mind the culture-fit factor. Prioritize behavior and skills to examine if the proposed candidate would be able to adapt to your company’s cultural practices. Before starting the search for the right fit, build an employee persona and include the must-haves and good-to-have factors. Conducting an employee survey within the organization will also give an exact idea what could and couldn’t work within your company culture.


4. Growing with the generation- Latest generation is all about communication and being open, millennials are the future. They don’t just work for remuneration anymore. They care about Job satisfaction, recognition for their work and be an impact in their social community. 

Majority of today’s generation is digital, make sure your company’s website is up-to-date and holds every information that employees might look for. Showcase team spirit and promote your culture online to attract them. Millennials want a digital experience when they search for a job and you must deliver.


5. Tell why you’re different-

Every industry is full of competition and to stay above the water, you need to be one step ahead of your competitors. As it is a candidate-driven market, you should ask yourself why an employee choose you over any other employer. Excellent brand USP strategies are necessary to set your employer brand apart, and promoting that in the market is critical for any business to succeed.


Do you know? “69% are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand” says Glassdoor.


From the beginning, potential employees shall be aware of the strengths of a company as an employer. Businesses need to do this effectively so that they engage fresh talent and inculcate a sense of loyalty towards the brand. The world is more transparent than it has ever been. Falsified information and aimless advertising don’t work anymore. Businesses need to focus on building employee satisfaction and consider them as their advocate whose loyalty is hard to seize.