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Count Your Fingers and Hire the Best

Hiring the top talent for your company can be a time consuming and expensive process. If you manage to get the right person, it helps your company to move ahead in achieving the goals. On the other hand, a small blunder can cost you dearly. It is imperative to keep a few points in mind while going through the selection process.


1. Explain the job

You can opt for a recruitment agency to post the best job advertisement. For example, in case you are looking for a skilled nurse, healthcare staffing agencies can find the perfect candidate according to the department and skills. While providing the job description makes sure include the extra duties which the employee has to perform from time to time which his or her qualification can justify.


2. The recruitment strategy

The best way to design a recruitment strategy is by hiring a niche specific recruitment agency. When you list an opening on a job portal even with all the requirements there is a chance that you will get unrelated resumes. The recruitment agency filters all these extra resumes on the first step itself. For example, you can appoint a finance recruitment agency to find you the best accountant who understands your field of work.


3. Prepare a checklist

Once you have prepared the strategy, get on the checklist which can include the requirements you are looking in a candidate, salary you are offering, location of the candidate, dates of interviews and so on. This list helps you in systematically manage the hiring process. This list helps in keeping the communication on the right track.


4. Keep an eye on the talent in the market

Many recruitment agencies can help you in keeping an eye on the perfect candidates. As the recruitment agencies have both network and database of the potential candidates, they can approach the best candidates quickly. For example, in case you are looking for a coder, the IT recruitment agencies can scout for the best candidates.


5. Pre-screening

Before the actual interview process starts, send out a pre-screening questionnaire to the candidates you have shortlisted. The responses help in better understanding.


6. Review the applications with a clear mind

This is a process where recruitment agencies are a big help. For example, in case you got 200+ replies to a job posting of a hygienist, the healthcare staffing agencies can check the applications and find the best candidate for you.


7. Select the interview questions wisely

The ideal mix of technical and non-technical questions should be included in the interview questionnaire. Generally, companies take help of specific recruiting agencies to shortlist the candidates. For example, finance recruitment agencies can design a specific list of questions that will define your requirements properly and make it easy to shortlist the candidates.


8. Consider expanding the dimensions

When you are hiring employees make sure that you have people with different skill sets in your team. For example having an amazing coder and a designer in a website designing team is always better than having two great coders.


9. Background check

Make sure you check the background of the candidate that includes credentials, experience, and criminal history and many more. You can hire a recruitment agency to do the background check. For example, if you are hiring a cashier, the finance recruitment agencies can check if the person you are about to hire has any criminal history or not.


10. Terms and conditions for the job

Make sure the job letter you are designing for the new employee covers all the terms and conditions you want to put on the table.


Hiring the right person can be a hectic job. The best way to find the right candidate is via a recruitment agency that has expertise in your field of work. You can visit the website address mentioned below and contact the best recruitment agency in India.